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    NWREMS News and Information

    • April 10th-12th:  IFSAC Fire Instructor 1 course; Pt Angeles, WA
    • May 11th-June 3rd:  EMR Course; Shelton, WA
    • May 14th:  NWREMS QI meeting; 9:30am at the Lodge at Sherwood Village in Sequim
    • May 14th:  NWREMS IPPE meeting; 11am at the Lodge at Sherwood Village in Sequim
    • May 14th:  NWREMS TED meeting; 11:15am at the Lodge at Sherwood Village in Sequim
    • May 14th:  NWREMS Council meeting; noon at the Lodge at Sherwood Village in Sequim
    • Legislative Update:  3/19/2015